Share Parents should praise effort rather than the result, she says. So if your child performs well in a test, you should shout about how hard they tried and not that they are clever or top of the class. By doing the latter, we are conditioning a child to worry about losing this fragile crown. For this reason, there is a growing number of parenting experts and psychologists who believe telling girls that they are pretty is, in fact, imbuing them with an insecurity that they might not always be the prettiest. By praising them for something over which they have no influence is simply reinforcing the idea that how a woman or girl looks is her crowing achievement. And that is why I choose not to tell my daughter she is pretty. By and large, parents think their children are gorgeous. From the moment my eldest, Ludo, was born, I gazed at him, mesmerised, taking endless photos and poring over them every time we were apart. But we talk about boys and girls using different vocabulary: When my father-in-law came to meet new-born Iona, he respectfully remarked that she was beautiful.

Actress Hilary Maiberger is dating her Beauty And The Beast co-star

Posted on December 5, by Lesley and Stewart This was the last leg of our journey for the year taking us into Paris for our winter mooring. Once again we were late to be there. Since our last blog we have travelled: Our story along this section is one of water in abundance, delightful surprises and a few awful ones as we passed through the Champagne and then Brie regions of France. Map showing the five regions of Champagne country. Just before the end of the canal de la Marne au Rhin where we left off in our last blog we stopped at an excellent mooring at Pargny-sur-Saulx.

Marina Oswald Porter is the wife of Lee Harvey Oswald, the assassin of John F. Kennedy. Marina has lived a very troubled life following the aftermath of JFK Assassination. Born in Severodvinsk as Marina Nikoloyevna Prusakova, young Marina moved to her uncle’s place at Minsk in to study pharmacy.

From left are, Oswald’s wife, Marina, holding their daughter June Lee, 22 months; Robert Oswald, brother; and his mother Marguerite Oswald, holding her five-week-old grandchild Rachel. But it was still depressing, seeing my father shot every time I came to work. I asked Rachel how many people in the bar knew who she was. A few of the regulars. Stevie Ray Vaughan was turned up loud on the radio. In a bar filled with pretty women, Rachel was striking enough to turn heads.

She wore a purple dress from a vintage clothing store, platform shoes, and a black string choker. Even at 29, she had a tomboyish quality, and when she laughed, she seemed to be all elbows and collarbones. In conversation, Rachel could be both reserved and outgoing, and though she speaks with a slow drawl, her dark eyes, high cheeks, and thick, heavy eyebrows make it clear she is of Slavic descent.

Mi Amor: Celebrity Wives You May Have Forgot About

Advertisement – Continue Reading Below Jan. The kissing photos immediately go viral, in part because Selena is friends with Bella’s sister Gigi, making this the perfect recipe for a celebrity SquadWar. Bella quietly unfollows Selena on Instagram , and so it begins. News , The Weeknd’s “always had a thing for Selena. They are taking things slow and getting to know each other.

Dating; SINCE Home; News “Most Welcoming Theatre is a chance for our audiences to celebrate their local theatre and or venues to shout about the incredible work they are doing day in.

With her long brown hair and big, sparkling eyes, actress Hilary Maiberger is the spitting image of Belle, her character in the musical Beauty And The Beast, now on at Marina Bay Sands. Her co-actor Darick Pead, 30, the Beast in the musical, is also her leading man in real life. Our chemistry and the ability to be vulnerable with each other enhances our performances – we’re very lucky for that.

Beauty And The Beast is the traditional fairy tale about a prince who has been turned into an animal and will regain his human form only if he can find true love despite his ugliness. The story has spawned countless adaptations, with the most well-known of them probably the animated film by Disney in Maiberger, who has two sisters working in the family’s paper supply business with their year-old father, has a music degree from San Diego State University and a master’s in vocal performance from the Bowling Green State University in Ohio.

She had wanted to be a voice teacher, but got interested in musical theatre after playing Mrs Cratchit in musical A Christmas Carol while studying in university. It’s amazing to transport yourself and the audience into a different world and I’ve never turned back. Every performance is unique as the audience is always different. I love the character Belle as everyone has felt alone and unsure of himself before, just like she did.

Actress Marina Squerciati Pregnant

It is absolutely breath-taking! Back in September, I had the privilege of spending four days in Key West, and I was introduced to all that it has to offer, specifically for same-sex weddings and honeymoons. And upon leaving, I was convinced it would be a perfect place for either or both. The place felt like an oasis from any problem.

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Turkey and Swiss Sandwich Okay, so I like this show, a lot. I watch it all the time with my little bro. So, I decided to make the show sound much more realistic. Haha, this might be bad. This is a children’s show for But hear me out, I was watching the show one day who is of appropriate age to watch such a show and I realized just how unrealistic the actors are as teenagers.

I mean, I know they can’t be doing all of that wild stuff that teenagers do on it, but they act so happy and cheery and gross all the time. It’s kinda getting on my nerves. So, I’ve decided to make my own version of the show with much more realistic thingies happening. I know, I have nothing more interesting to do, haha.


Skrik is the popular name given to each of four versions of a composition, created as both paintings and pastels , by the Expressionist artist Edvard Munch between and Der Schrei der Natur The Scream of Nature is the title Munch gave to these works, all of which show a figure with an agonized expression against a landscape with a tumultuous orange sky.

In music there are long traditions of scream in rock, punk rock, heavy metal, rock and roll and emo music. Vocalists are developing various techniques of screaming that results in different ways of screaming. In rock and metal music singers are developing very demanding guttural and growled sounds.

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Heidi Noelle Lenhart as Jenny Garrison — — Matt’s younger sister, who served as the original rhythm keyboardist of the group. She departed from the series in the season two episode “Ciao, Jenny” to attend a musical conservatory in Italy; Jenny had initially served as Jake’s love interest upon his introduction in “Jake’s Song. The band[ edit ] Kelly Packard as Tiffani Anne Smith — The band’s bass player, who also serves as an occasional vocalist both lead and backup.

She surfs in her spare time; she taught Sly to surf in “Romancing the Tube. After the two are haphazardly set up on a date by an online chat room in “Blind Dates”, Sam and Tony became a couple and remained together for much of the remainder of the show’s run. After failing at his earlier attempts to attract Lorena, he falls in love with her after having a series of dreams about her in season four’s “Dancing Isn’t Everything”, only for Lorena to not return his affections then; this changes in season five’s “Love Letters”, at which point Sly begins to be depicted as much less obnoxious and somewhat more charming than how the character was previously portrayed.

However, the season five episodes “Mop ‘n Pop” and “Father Knows Bets” also aid in this shift in depiction as both episodes acknowledge that he has a strained relationship with his businessman father on account of him being unable to spend time with him because of the demands of his dad’s duties as a corporate executive, which stems into Sly’s gambling addiction in the latter episode.

Jay Anthony Franke as Jacob Samuel “Jake” Sommers — ; singing voice performed by Barry Coffing — The lead guitarist and “bad boy” of the group, who is regularly seen wearing a leather jacket and learned how to fix motorcycles from his uncle Frank seen in season three’s “Harley and the Marlboro Man”, played by Eddie Mekka. When first introduced in the season two premiere “Jake’s Song”, he is depicted as tough and intimidating, although that episode and a few others reveal that he has a sensitive soul particularly in regard to the lyrics he wrote in “Jake’s Song” that helped him land a place in the band.

He served as the love interest of Jenny in the first episodes of season two, maintaining a mildly flirtatious relationship, although the two never became an official couple as a result of Jenny’s departure in “Ciao, Jenny”. Several episodes later in “Surfboards and Cycles”, Jake and Tiffani begin dating, when he helps her learn how to fix motorcycles after taking an auto shop class.

Lee Harvey’s Legacy

LunasMom Marina and Twist have been working hard on mostly hip hop performance at the Groovy Smoothie, when Marina realizes that she’s falling for Twist. Does Twist feel the same way? My take on what would happen if they acted like normal teens. I use my 2 year old as an excuse to watch the show. This is my take on how actual high school students would act around each other… although, I haven’t been in HS for a few years now, I think it’ll be accurate!

Today’s world, the world in which I’m bringing up my seven-year-old daughter Iona, is light years away from the seemingly benign world in which I grew up, writes MARINA FOGLE.

We were there 4 times over the Fall season. Every wedding was SO different and every couple as well. What can we say. They were SUCH a cool couple to hang out with and simply so joyful on their wedding day. We are so thrilled we got to know them throughout their planning process and their wedding. We really do hope they get to move to the mountains one day as is their hope. I think we Mozingos would like hanging out with this couple more.

More from us later. For now here is a bit from them! A bit about Jess: I went to the University of Washington for undergrad and grad school. I moved to Charleston in and was hired at Charleston PD in I love everything outdoors, nature, and adventure.

Bradley Cooper is all smiles while out with Irina Shayk and daughter Lea

Miscellaneous Gallery Images July Sizzling Summer Mystery Model – Instead of standing under the sun and suffering heat stroke, you can pass your time inside, in cool air conditioning studying silhouettes to guess the identity of this July Sizzling Summer Mystery Model. For those venturing to toasty Omaha for the IPMS convention, you’ll be able to see the model at one of the vendors tables.

August Mystery Model 1 – The July Mystery Models were soft balls served up on a plate for batting practice compared to this high, hard chin music August Mystery Model. I anticipate only an insider will know this one. The two make a perfect pair as they had so much in common.

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Tell us about the work your organization does and the programs you run: Girls PACT delivers innovative curriculum that connects the dots from self-worth to healthy relationships. Our comprehensive sex education programs help young guys and girls, ages Define personal values, identify expectations in dating, set personal boundaries in relationships, practice assertive communication, define consent, examine gender stereotypes, and practice safer sex.

How did the organization start? Where did the idea or inspiration come from? The intention was to facilitate a one-year program, but there was a demand for more! Today, we continue to find innovative ways to educate the future generation. Our thriving, community-based nonprofit organization serves young people annually on the west-side of Los Angeles. I was inspired by my personal experiences and my involvement with young people.

Shout Out Louds – Impossible

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Nov 20,  · Our comprehensive sex education programs help young guys and girls, ages Define personal values, identify expectations in dating, set personal boundaries in relationships, practice assertive communication, define consent, examine gender stereotypes, and practice safer sex.

Patrick Zimmerman, Vernon Hills deputy police chief, sits and watches a recent Village Board meeting. How long have worked in Vernon Hills? I love Vernon Hills, both the community itself and the people I work with. I think that adds perspective. Can you recall any prominent cases you contributed to? The Marina Aksman murder in Plus our public information officer was on vacation at the time and I was assigned to work with the media and give updates on such a high profile incident.

It was a sad case.

Carlie & OConnor

A timely sermon on our mistakes being turned into miracles, teaching my faith-based Zumba class, cuddling up to enjoy a newly discovered at least for me author, an honest heart-to-heart with my daughter, and a gathering of our family to watch the Super Bowl on this snowy Sunday made it packed in the best way. Though I started the cheerleading squad when I was a middle school teacher and coached up until my son was born, I was a cheerleader who could never follow the game. My daughter had informed me that Justin Timberlake was doing the Half Time Show, so when my hubby called me down to watch, I took advantage of the time to participate with everyone.

Diehard fan that I am, that made watching Sunday night football worth it for once! Nevertheless, I need to prepare for the busy week ahead… In checking emails and texts, I found that while I was in Super Bowl mode, someone left a review of my debut novel, Seasons of Her Soul, on Amazon. Then, to my surprise and delight, I found two others when I went to read it.

With her long brown hair and big, sparkling eyes, actress Hilary Maiberger is the spitting image of Belle, her character in the musical Beauty And The Beast, now on at Marina Bay Sands.

Marina has lived a very troubled life following the aftermath of JFK Assassination. To know more keep scrolling. Where is Marina Oswald Porter? In April , Porter and her daughter moved in with Ruth Paine, a Quaker and Russian language student they had met at a party. Lee Oswald rented a separate room in Dallas and lived there visiting Marina and her children only on weekends.

Porter learned of the assassination of Kennedy from the media coverage of the event, and later, of the arrest of her husband. That afternoon, Dallas Police Department detectives arrived at the Paine household, and when asked if Lee owned a rifle, she gestured to the garage, where Lee Oswald stored his rifle rolled up in a blanket; no rifle was found.


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